Creative Technology UT

Locatie: FASE 2

CreaTer’s @ Gogbot

Creative Technology is a relatively new study in the University of Twente, students (or CreaTer’s as we are often called) learn everything from Sketching to Programing. The diverse program that combines art and technology is one of the reason we are once again invited to present some of our projects at the Gogbot festival. 
During the fourth module of our study we were challenged with achieving a project with the topic of this year Gogbot’s theme- Spaceship Earth. Our projects that you will get to experience at the Gogbot include: ‘Team SpaceCake’, ‘OutOfSpace’, ‘Evolution Mirror’, ‘IlluminaTable’ and ‘Community Spaceship’ by “..—“

Team SpaceCake

Space is mystery. It is an terrifying abyss, but human nature is inclined to explore. It is a place which has vast potential and endless possibilities. Once all of earth’s resources have been depleted mankind will have to find a new place to live and thrive. On this journey to our new sanctuary we will encounter many dangers. Be prepared and train yourselves in this space simulation and protect your ship against a dangerous asteroid field. Teamwork will be essential to survive this hazardous experience. Do you think you’ve got what it takes to lead mankind to safety and prosperity?
Mitchell Verlinden | 
Raoul Fasel | Ibrahim Elfaramawy
 | Freek Teunen | 
Janwillen te Voortwis
 | Rick van Gemert

Experience Mars with a Communcation Delay
by OutofSpace

The distance between Mars and planet Earth is 225 million kilometers, this means that it takes a long time to send a signal from one planet to the other. Experience this communication delay by driving the Mars Rover. You will feel how it effects the controls. Explore the area with the rover and complete objectives by traveling to different places. Pick up the objectives so the Mars community can grow and learn about the environment. Get behind the controls and explore the planet!
Jason van Eunen | 
Claudia Westerveld | 
Svetlana Zigalkina | 
Kevin Vogelzang
 | Bouke Regnerus
 | Shanna de Lang

Evolution mirror

Earth is a spaceship, floating through the universe, and we – the people – are its crew. We are designed specifically to live on Earth but there are other spaceships in the galaxy. Spaceships, like Mars, we as humans could conquer to settle there. Over time our body would adapt to planet Mars. We humans would evolve as a new species that will be the crew of our new spaceship. Step in front of the mirror and look at yourself as mars-man.
Participants: Margot Rutgers | Tijmen van Willigen | Carmen Burghardt | Denise Graafsma | Ruben Smit | Tamara Notenboom


Welcome to the IlluminaTable: a whole new experience!
The IlluminaTable stands for collaboration, making music together and having fun. On the IlluminaTable you can draw lines with special IR-pens or with your phone’s flashlight. These lines will be converted into music, according to where you’ve drawn on the IlluminaTable. On our website you can listen back to the music you’ve created with the IlluminaTable. You can find your own song by entering the number you received when you created your music with the IlluminaTable. You can also download the music you’ve created.
Thijs Dortmann
 | Peter Verzijl
 | Sarah Spijkers
 | Daniel van Pel | 
Saskia Hidding
 | Julia Roozen

Group ..—

Travelling through space, everyone likes it. How awesome would it be if you could travel through space and take with you whatever you want?! Well… with this installation you can! As a participant you can design and draw your very own space module. Once you’re done, the installation adds your module to the total spaceship where also other modules are connected. 

You can design almost anything you want, but…keep the spaceship in balance. Keep the energy and sustenance levels up and you’re good to go! Enjoy!
 Tom Onderwater
 | Sven Santema
 | Abel Gerritse | 
Joep Schyns | 
Kasper de Kruiff
 | Sander Bos